Imagin Pod Starter Kit

It's very nice and well-designed, showing exquisite texture and it’s quite comfortable to hold in the hand.

  • Battery Capacity :1100mAh

  • Capacity:3.0ML

  • Resistance range:0.8-2.0Ω

  • Dimension:34*92*14MM

A luxuriously designed vape POD SYSTEM

Imagin Kit comes with a little bigger size and is more comfortable in hand.

Bring the best vaping experience

Specially developed ceramic coils and cotton coils according your E-liquids to meet the needs of different users. Reflect the best purest of the flavor and better throat hit feeling.

How to fill with e-liquid

Do not vape immediately after full filling the pod, and let the pod stand for 2-3minutes before use.(Only for First use).

Humanized Pre-heating function

Easy to use 3 levels Voltage Adjustment to Meet Different Customers' Needs. Pre-heating function is perfectly used for high liquid. Just get one for simple vaping.

Green LightVoltage: 2.8V Blue LightVoltage: 3.2V Red LightVoltage: 3.7V
The most convenient way of charging

Unique USB charging for more convenient use, Imagin Pod Kit works with 1200mAh built-in battery, which provides longer vaping time and more massive vapor.

Battery Indicator

Imagin Kit with intelligent LED light indicator to provide instant battery life feedback. After vaping, the green, blue and red lights can show the battery level very clearly

Five Colors Available

The kit adopts a visually striking resin inlay design, Imagin is available in 5 vibrant colors

  • Watercolor ink

  • Neon

  • Volcanic rock

  • Aurora Borealis

  • The Milky Way

Fresh and ultimate experience

Imagin is made of a unique eco-friendly color resin, which will bring you an artistic vaping experience.

Finely crafted, only for better presentation