Design from MacBook Pro

Perfect Streamline Design.


Product size: 27mm*105mm*10mm

Battery Capacity 400mAh

Resistance 1.2

Capacity 1.8ML

Ceramic Coil

Ceramic coil makes better taste

Stable heat and vapor


1.8ml capacity,refillable design

Ceramic Coil

Ceramic coil-gives you pure and rich taste
400MAH Battery

Last longer Time to satisfy your vape need all day

Magnet connetion design

Magnetic connection between pod and battery, Simple & convenient
Battery Indicator

when 0%-30%, the white LED flashes

when 30%-60%, the blue LED flashes

when 60%-100%, the green LED flashes

Protection of working no more than 10S


Battery Capacity:400mach

  • Enjoye Your vaping

  • Much more color for your choices

Oiling Instructions

  • 1. Pull out the silicon cap.

  • 2. Fill the eliquid into the holes of the pod and put on the silicon cap.

  • 3. Connect the pod to the the battery to enjoy vaping.