AII Metal ,exquisite and perfect design

Anti dry burnt alarm function

When the atomizer oil used up during vaping, the red light will flash, indicating need to add more oil to prevent dry burnt

Three-stage voltage adjustable

Press the button three times in 2S. The three lights in different colors on the button show different power.
  • HIgh

  • Middie

  • Low

TYPE-C Charging

TYPE-C charging is much more faster, 400mAh lithium battery.
  • Type-c Port

  • 400mAh

  • Process smoking

Atomizer adapter

Adapter can be used for Other atomizers

Red light flashes for alarming

  • Other Tank

  • Link Tank

Ceramic coil makes better taste and can be used for CBD oil

With stable heat conduction

Skinny Size

When the atomizer is connected, the key lamp turns on white twice in one second, and then goes into sleep mode immediately without smoking
Pod capacity1.0ML
Pod resistance1.2Ω
Battery capacity400 mAh
Product size92mm*32mm*9.9mm
LED light show How much power left
Full power display
About 66% power display
About 33% power display

Full Protection Functional

Low voltage protection

Low Resistance Protected protection

Lithium battery protection

High Resistance Protection

Short circuit protection

Overcharge protection

Oiling Instructions

  • 1. Pull out the mouthpiece cover and silicon cap.

  • 2. Fill the eliquid into the holes of the pod by side.

  • 3. Put on the silicon cap and then the cover.

  • 4. You can enjoy the vaping